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How to pass the speed bump correctly?

Speaking of speed bumps, car owners really love it and hate it. Love is because speed bumps are generally installed in accident-prone areas, and vehicles are forced to consciously reduce their speed to pass through this road section to ensure that there is no danger in driving; hate is because if the owner does not have time to brake and pass at high speed, the suspension of the car will suffer. This time, let's talk with you about how to cross the speed bump correctly.

1. Vertical speed reduction belt
It is a common way to pass the speed bump vertically. Under normal circumstances, when there is a speed bump in front, the car owner will choose to directly press the wheel directly relative to the speed bump. At this time, the body is relatively bumpy and the bouncing feeling is great. Relatively speaking, the passengers in the car will feel less comfortable when riding.
2. Zigzag over speed bump
The zigzag over speed bump is that the front of the car rotates diagonally in front of the speed bump to pass the speed bump first, and then goes back to the wheel to transfer the rear wheel to pass through the speed bump. This way of passing the speed bump is zigzag. Relatively speaking, the zigzag overspeed belt has a slightly degraded body bounce, and the interior of the car is also more comfortable. Cast steel speed bump
3. Unilateral wheel over speed reduction belt
At some intersections, some drivers will choose one side of the wheel to pass the speed bump, so that the other side of the car does not press the speed bump, which will also reduce the bouncing of the body, and can also exchange for a more comfortable ride.
Although the deceleration belt pits people and cars, it is also a product derived from the reduction of traffic accidents. When forcing vehicles to pass through these accident-prone sections, it is necessary to reduce the speed to pass to ensure that the driving is safe. As car owners, in order to avoid being pitted, remember to slow down in advance when passing the speed bump, and use the correct method to pass the speed bump!

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