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How to properly install the rubber corners?

If you don't pay much attention when parking or reversing, the vehicle will be scratched, resulting in damage to your car. If you want to protect your car, you usually install rubber corner guard  on the underground parking lot for all-round protection. The rubber corners are made of high-quality rubber, which has good compressive performance and a certain degree of softness.

How to install the rubber corners correctly? The corners are classified into rubber corners and aluminum corners. They are made of yellow and black, and are affixed with a yellow reflective film with a strong warning, which is particularly eye-catching. It can effectively protect the vehicle from being scratched, and the installation is relatively simple. When choosing, most of them will use rubber corner protectors, which will not be serious after the rubber is elastically installed. It is installed on the corner with glue or screws, and it will not loosen when the vehicle hits. It is generally suitable for parking lots and residential areas, and the installation is simple and convenient.
Rubber corners are also known as anti-collision blocks, anti-collision rubber, corner corners, corner rubber, and corner shields.
Material: The same is usually rubber. It is a rectangular sign with yellow and black, and there are other colors. It is made of high-quality reflective film.
Shape and size: There are many kinds of shapes, with rounded or right-angled strips, the size is usually 80cm/root, and some are wrapped in a whole piece around the column.
Placement position: Placed on the column of the parking lot, the corner of the wall, and the back wall of the parking space. The placement position is 20 cm above the ground level from the lower edge of the rubber bumper strip.
Installation method: embedded in the partition wall of the parking lot and the corners of the column, and tightened in place with the expansion pipe fastening screws.
Function: In the parking lot, the protruding parts of indoor columns or passages must be installed with rubber corners. Placing rubber guard wall corners in the parking lot can prevent vehicles and other traffic objects from hitting the building during driving and turning, or rubbing or colliding with the column, scratching or bumping the paint and column. The reflective film on the surface can also play a warning and protective role. Even if the driver's negligence leads to a collision between the vehicle and the building, the level of damage can be reduced.

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