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How to test the effect of reflective vest?

 The main function of the reflective vest is to ensure the safety of some engineers, especially in the process of road construction, although there are fences to block it, it is still necessary to wear a reflective vest, because under the reflection of light, the light of the reflective vest is more intense. Eye-catching, the transmission distance is also farther.
However, there are many manufacturers of reflective vests on the market, and some of them are inferior. The reflective vests produced have poor effects, and after washing several times, there is almost no reflective effect. So how to test the effect of reflective vests? Listen Listen to what professional manufacturers have to say!
    First, turn on the camera of the mobile phone and turn on the flash, and take a picture to see the reflective effect; you can also wear it for travel at night, and see if the reflective strip is durable when you encounter driving lights, and how many times you wash it. The above two methods can effectively detect Reflective effect, or through a simpler way, because the regular reflective vest manufacturers, their reflective clothing test report will have this report, we can directly check the report to get the results.
    Some reflective clothing can reach a reflective distance of 330m or even further. However, due to poor processing techniques such as bonding and fixing, the glass beads are easy to fall off, which directly leads to some reflective clothing that has no reflective effect after washing several times. Some more reflective clothing is disposable, we do not buy such products.
    The above is the test method for the effect of reflective vests. It is recommended that when you buy reflective vests, look for professional manufacturers. After all, reflective vests are a safety guarantee for construction workers.

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