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Speed bumps are devices that reduce speed of cars

Speed bumps are devices that reduce speed of cars and trucks. The goal is to slow down traffic and provide a safer experience for all drivers. Typically, these are placed in areas where pedestrians and vehicles share space.

There are two types of speed bumps: rubber and plastic. Plastic speed bumps are easy to remove and replace. Bolted down rubber products are easier to install and move. However, they may be more costly.

Speed bumps are effective for reducing speeds only when they are well marked. They are typically installed in locations where traffic needs to flow, such as school zones and parking lots.

These bumps are also designed to be durable and withstand wear and tear from vehicles. They come in a wide range of sizes and lengths. Smaller bumps, like the ones found in parking lots and other small areas, typically have a height of two to four inches. Larger bumps, such as those used on highways, have a height of eight inches and are made of rubber.

Most speed humps are placed mid-block between intersections. This allows a wider distance for the vehicle to travel "across" the bump. When a driver hits a speed bump at high speed, they are hit by a jolt. In contrast, a bump at low speed delivers a gentle bounce.

Despite their effectiveness, speed bumps can cause damage to tires. They can also increase noise levels. And, they can be a tripping hazard for older residents.

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