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The Use of Convex Mirror

A convex mirror is a type of reflection mirror that curves outward, resembling the exterior portion of a sphere. The rays of light that strike its surface diverge from the focal point behind the mirror, creating virtual, erect, and diminished images.

Image formation with convex mirrors always produces a virtual and upright image, so the magnification of the image is positive and 1. The location and size of the image formed by a convex mirror can be determined using graphical ray tracing. In addition, the magnification of the image formed by a convex beam can be found using mathematical equations.

Convex mirrors are a common component of many safety and security applications, such as high-rise buildings and warehouses where workers need to see around corners. They can also be used in the rear view of cars to provide drivers with a clearer overview of their surroundings.

Convex mirrors are typically available in a variety of sizes and with different frame types to suit their intended application. They are usually manufactured from materials that will withstand weathering, and typically come with robust fixings and brackets for improved overall strength to the unit. The frames can be simple plastic, rubber or metal banding or may be a moulded back plate that includes the mirror lens. Some are even frameless and can be mounted without a backing or bracket. For more oversized applications, telescoping brackets are recommended. These can be found in single, double, and triple bracket sizes.

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