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What is a Convex Mirror?

A convex mirror is a spherical mirror that has been curved outward. This is made by silvering the outer surface of a glass sphere and painting its inner surface with a different color.

Convex mirrors bend light as it is reflected by them. This allows for a wider field of view than plane (flat) mirrors.

They are useful for places where bigger objects need to be viewed in smaller sizes. For example, in a warehouse or production area where workers need to see approaching forklifts and other vehicles. They also improve safety in large offices, stores and hospitals.

Objects appear closer than they really are in a convex mirror
Since the image formed by the convex mirror is always virtual and erect, it produces a magnifying effect that is positive and 1. This magnification is determined geometrically using the law of reflection thi = thr.

Ray diagrams for convex mirrors follow this general sketch as shown in the above figure. A blue incident ray leaves the object tip, approaches the mirror parallel to the optical axis and reflects as if it came from its focal point. This ray is echoed by the mirror and a second blue incident ray is reflected from the top of the object parallel to the optical axis and passes through the focal point as if it came from its tip.

These rays are then extended backward as the blue dotted lines. This imaginary route behind the mirror is called the tip of the image and the point at which these two rays intersect is the image point.

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