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What Is a Convex Mirror?

A convex mirror is a type of curved mirror that reflects light. This type of mirror can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are commonly found in schools, hospitals, and retail stores. Some of these mirrors are used to search and inspect products, as well as security and safety systems.

Convex mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The most common type is the round convex mirror. It is often used to cover blind spots in car parks and hallways. Circular mirrors also provide increased vision around beverage coolers and other areas.

Unlike plane mirrors, convex mirrors produce virtual images. These images are virtual because they are smaller than the objects they are reflecting. As an object approaches the mirror, the size of the image increases. When the object is farther away, the image gets smaller.

A convex mirror is used in a number of applications, including surveillance, security, and retail loss prevention programs. They are also widely used in hospitals, school, and in automated teller machines. There are a number of types of convex mirrors, which include circular, rectangular, and hemisphere. Mirrors are typically supplied with a wall or post fixing bracket.

Typical convex mirrors are made from glass or acrylic and are usually frost free. However, metal convex mirrors can require re-polishing by a specialist. If the metal is corroded, a permanent dent can occur. In order to avoid this, choose a metal that is non-corrosive.

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