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What is the use of reflective clothing? Why wear reflective clothing?

Why do more and more professions and products choose reflective materials and wear reflective clothing to work? What is the effect of wearing reflective clothing? Reflective clothing is an occupational high warning product. Reflective clothing is made of a special reflective material. If it is in a very dark environment, ordinary clothing rarely reflects light, so it will not be seen by people. , But the special material on this kind of reflective clothing can reflect the maximum amount of light, let people see it from a distance, and play a better role in warning safety, thereby improving the operator's own safety.
Popular High Visibility Custom Warning Reflective Safety Vest
General reflective vests, reflective clothing, reflective clothing, reflective vests, reflective raincoats, reflective cotton clothing are commonly used in police and sanitation workers, construction workers, construction workers, subways, airports, aviation, road administration, high-speed, railway, electricity, insurance companies, ports, etc. Outdoor operators such as docks will wear this kind of reflective clothing, as well as life jackets, lifebuoys, and lifeboats. They are suitable for police, firefighters, security guards and logistics personnel when performing official duties or work. Warning function... Reflective clothing can really play its role only when the quality is good.
Reflective vests will play a safety and warning role at night or under special weather. It is widely used in daily tasks such as traffic police, airports, parking lots, ambulance, sanitation, shipbuilding, petroleum and other fields.
Reflective vest because of its particularity, even if it is worn during the day, it will become an obvious warning and symbol.

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