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3 Ways a Speed Bump Can Damage Your Car

A speed bump or hump is an easy way to slow traffic and prevent accidents. They're common around schools, residential areas, and parking lots. But they can do a lot of damage to your car if you hit them at the wrong speed.

They Wreak Havoc on Your Suspension
Speed bumps and humps are designed to cause your vehicle to slow down when you travel over them, which is why they're usually located in areas where speeding is a problem or safety hazard. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional paved bumps to modern rubber and plastic options. They're also easy to install and replace.

The classic speed bump is a short, raised portion of road that's typically a foot wide and 3-4 inches high. These rise steeply to force drivers to slow down before they reach them, and traveling over them at anything but a minimal speed can cause suspension damage. The more recent variant is the speed hump, which consists of a wider construction with less of a slope to produce a gentler curve.

They Can damage Your Exhaust System
If you hit a speed bump at the wrong speed, it can cause your car to bounce, which can also cause your exhaust to become damaged. The exhaust system is set right under the car and uses rubber mounts to absorb bumps and vibrations, but if you're driving over them at high speeds, they can break or bend out of shape.

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