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What Is Convex Mirror?

A convex mirror is a curved glass mirror that produces an image when an object comes close enough to touch it. The image produced is virtual, highly reduced and erect when the object is located between the pole and focus of the mirror.
The convex mirror is a simple optical device whose properties are governed by two very basic laws. The first is that any incident ray that strikes the mirror will be reflected in such a manner that it will travel parallel to the principal axis of the mirror, passing through its focal point. The second law states that magnification is the ratio of the distance of an object to the size of its image in the mirror.
Convex mirrors are an easy and effective way to improve the visibility of an area without requiring electrical power, expensive technology or maintenance. They are an excellent choice for vehicle safety, warehousing and production environments where blind spots can lead to accidents and injuries.
When a convex mirror is mounted it is essential to mount it in a suitable location for the desired application and ensure it is secured from damage or vandalism. It is also important that the mirror is positioned at the correct height so that the desired objects can be seen in detail when viewed from a safe distance.
Mirrors can be mounted to walls, posts and even vehicles and come in a variety of sizes and materials. Some are even available with a choice of colours to meet industry standards for certain types of applications or to help them blend in with the surrounding environment. Mirrors designed for use in outdoor applications are typically made from materials that will withstand weathering and have robust brackets that can withstand movement or realignment caused by strong winds.
If you need a high quality convex mirror for your application, please browse the range of products below. You can contact us by telephone or email to discuss your requirements in more detail or to request a quote.

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