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Do cast steel speed bumps have the advantage of high visibility?

Cast steel speed bumps have high visibility: cast steel speed bumps are durable, pressure-resistant and have a long service life, no damage to vehicle tires, no strong bumpy feeling when the vehicle hits, less wear to the car, and good shock absorption and shock absorption effects. , the color is striking yellow and black, the color is distinct, and it is highly visible no matter in the day or night.
1. It is designed according to the principle of the actual contact angle between the tire and the ground when the vehicle is running; the shape design is beautiful and reasonable, the compression performance is good, there is no strong bumpy feeling when the vehicle hits, and the shock absorption and shock absorption effects are good; cast steel speed bump

2. The high-strength deceleration belt is made of a variety of metals smelted according to the patented formula, which can withstand 200 tons of pressure and has a service life of up to 20 years;
3. It is firmly fixed on the ground with screws, and will not loosen when the vehicle hits; cast steel deceleration belt
4. There are special textures on the end joints, which can effectively avoid sliding. The specially designed groove stripes on the surface can ensure the anti-skid function in rainy and snowy days; the pattern adopts herringbone flower, which is more conducive to drainage;
5. The international standard warning color is black and yellow, which is particularly eye-catching; and it is equipped with a reflective film, which has extraordinary performance both day and night, attracting the attention of drivers and successfully slowing down;
6. According to the actual requirements, the combination structure is adopted, which can be combined quickly and flexibly. The installation holes can help the correct installation, the installation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. Cast steel speed bump

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