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What kind of damage does the speed bump do to the tire?

The speed bump is made of high-strength rubber, with good compressive performance, and the slope has a certain softness. There is no strong bump when the vehicle hits, and the shock absorption and shock absorption effects are excellent. Nowadays, rubber speed bumps and shock belts are more common on the road. Vehicles make a "rumbling" noise when they pass by, which is very noisy and causes great damage to the road.
Compared with the traditional speed bump, the color three-dimensional deceleration marking has the biggest feature that it looks higher than it actually is, has a strong visual impact effect, and is easily discovered by the driver. In addition, it is not easy to generate shock noise during the passing period of vehicles, and it has less impact on the surrounding environment of the road and the surrounding residents. Cast steel speed bump manufacturer
The speed bump is firmly fixed on the ground with screws and will not loosen when the vehicle hits; the end section has a special texture, which can effectively avoid sliding, the black and yellow is particularly eye-catching, and each end section can be installed with high-brightness. Reflective beads reflect light at night, allowing drivers to effectively see the position of the speed bump.
In order to slow down the speed of the vehicle, the traffic police department tried to draw a color three-dimensional three-dimensional deceleration line for the first time. This kind of marking line is called three-dimensional three-dimensional deceleration marking line, and it has been used in many cities in the mainland. The three-dimensional markings simulate three-dimensional graphics with flat graphics, which can make the road surface produce a three-dimensional visual effect of protruding or concave obstacles, and induce drivers to actively slow down and drive without bumps.
The special process of the speed bump ensures that the color is durable and not easy to fade; the speed bump is simple to install and easy to maintain, which reduces a lot of burden on the relevant departments.

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