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Do you understand the classification of traffic signs?

Road traffic signs are divided into two categories: main signs and auxiliary signs.
Traffic warning post
serve as a warning. Signs warning vehicles and pedestrians to be aware of dangerous locations. The color is a yellow background, a black border, and a black pattern, and the shape is an equilateral triangle with top corners facing up.
ban sign
act as a prohibition of a certain behavior. Signs prohibiting or restricting vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Except for individual signs, the colors are white background, red circles, red bars, black patterns, and pattern pressure bars; the shapes are circles, octagons, and equilateral triangles with top corners facing down. Set up near road sections or intersections that need to prohibit or restrict vehicular and pedestrian traffic behavior.

serve as an indicator. A sign indicating the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The color is blue background and white pattern; the shape is divided into circle, rectangle and square; it is set near the road section or intersection where it is necessary to indicate the travel of vehicles and pedestrians.
wayfinding sign
play a guiding role. Signs conveying road direction, location, distance information. Except for milestones and 100-meter piles, the colors are generally blue and white; the highways are generally green and white; the shapes are generally rectangles and squares, except for location identification signs, milestones, and sub-merging signs. Set near the road segment or intersection where the road direction, location, and distance information need to be conveyed.

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