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The method of reducing noise through rubber speed bumps

Many people who drive will experience that the noise of the car is very loud when passing the rubber speed bump, and if it is not passed in the correct way, it will damage the car and cause great harm. Now let's introduce to you how to reduce noise by using rubber speed bumps:

1. It is actually very simple to reduce the noise when passing the rubber deceleration belt. The slower the speed, the smaller the noise and the less damage to the vehicle.​​
2. The setting of the rubber speed bump should be analyzed according to the road grade, traffic structure, actual average speed, road material and other specific conditions of the road section to determine the type, shape, size, material and other elements of the speed bump. The location and number of rubber deceleration belts should also be based on research or real vehicle road tests.​​
3. Mainly rubber, cement and cast iron speed bumps. Because of its low cost and certain speed control effect, it has been widely used in China. Since this rubber speed bump looks higher than it actually is, it has a strong visual impact and is easy to be discovered by the driver, thereby guiding the driver to actively slow down.​​
The method of reducing noise through rubber speed bumps is briefly introduced here. The setting of rubber speed bumps is essential, which greatly reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents. However, it also cannot be set arbitrarily, it must conform to the rules.

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