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How to reduce the impact of deceleration on the vehicle

How to reduce the impact of deceleration on the vehicle? Many road sections in each city have speed bumps. It can be said that dear riders will always encounter some speed bumps when driving to work. Different ways of passing the speed bumps on the road will have different effects on the overall vehicle.

One-sided passing through the speed bump: When many riders encounter speed bumps on the road, they always like to drive the vehicle and let one side of the vehicle pass through the speed bump. Some car owners believe that this approach can reduce the impact of deceleration on the vehicle. But even so, if you do this for a long time, it is easy to cause the suspension of the vehicle to be misaligned or deformed.
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Leaning through the speed bump: When some riders drive through the speed bump, they always like to tilt the front of the car to one side and then pass. This way of passing will make the bump feel much less, but it will make the vehicle's suspension system, the left and right sides of the force unevenly, causing great damage to the vehicle's springs and shock absorption.

Passing the speed bump with two wheels: The method of using two wheels to pass the speed bump is undoubtedly the best method. Although the body will have a strong sense of vibration when passing through the speed bump, the vehicle will experience the most and The force is very uniform, and the method of passing the two wheels of the vehicle through the speed bump can minimize the damage to the vehicle.

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