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What harm will the wrong speed bump do to the vehicle?

What harm will the wrong speed bump do to the vehicle? With the progress of the times, each of our vehicles is usually equipped with shock absorbers to reduce the shaking of the vehicle when encountering bumpy road sections. Some speed bumps, in order to reduce the speed of the vehicle, are in the eyes of some drivers. Since their vehicles are equipped with shock absorbers, there will be no obvious discomfort even if they do not slow down.

    1. Pass the speed bump at high speed.

    If the driver doesn't care, the long-term high-speed passing will cause a great impact on the vehicle, and the vehicle is easy to be overwhelmed, especially - some models with low chassis. Because the speed is too fast, the suspension will contract and rebound downward, hitting the chassis. .So over the speed bump - must slow down to pass.

    2. Lean over the speed bump.

    In the eyes of most people, most cars are more comfortable to lean than vertical. Vertically pass the speed bump, and the left and right wheels contract at the same time. The force from the ground is shared by the springs and shock absorbers of the two wheels, not independent or dependent. The effect of leaning through the speed bump actually causes more losses to the springs, shock absorbers and the entire body (frame).

    3. The unilateral tire bypasses the speed bump.

    Many car owners choose to let one tire go around the gap and only pass the other tire when passing the speed bump. Suspension, steering gear. In the long run, the car will be damaged. If the wheels deviate, four-wheel alignment should be done in time to reduce tire wear and increase driving safety.

    In the face of the above wrong method, we only need to correct it a little. The speed bump manufacturer reminds everyone the correct way to pass the speed bump: when passing the speed bump, slow down and pass from the front, so that the four tires are evenly stressed. On the contrary, the damage to the vehicle is less.

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