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how to get rid of reflective clothing smell

     What method can remove the smell of reflective vest? According to reflective clothing manufacturers, after wearing reflective clothing for a long time, it is easy to contaminate some smells on the clothes. So, what are the methods that can be taken to remove these smells?

     1. You can put a few drops of vinegar on the cleaned reflective clothing at the end of one cleaning, and then soak it for a few minutes, so that there is no unpleasant sweat odor on the reflective clothing after drying.

     2. You can add a spoonful of salt and a cup of soaked lemon water to a pot of water. Then soak the reflective clothing for 20 minutes, and then clean it. This will not only eliminate the smell of sweat, but also have the smell of lemon. Fragrant.

     3. When soaking the reflective clothing, soak it with salt water, which can also remove the sweat smell.

     4. If the reflective clothing has sweat spots in addition to the smell of sweat, you can put a few drops of any kind of shampoo in the water, then wash the reflective clothing in water, and apply shampoo to the sweat spots. Or rub the shaving cream and let it sit for five minutes before washing, so that it can be cleaned.

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