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What is the better performance of the deceleration belt

What is the better performance of the speed bump? According to the analysis of the speed belt manufacturer, the rubber belt has the characteristics of shock absorption, good compression performance, long service life, small car wear, low noise, yellow black, clear color, and no need to re paint every year. The elegant appearance. The use of this product greatly reduces the accidents at major intersections At the same time, everyone must know that rubber
deceleration has some excellent properties:

1. Designed according to the principle of the actual contact angle between the tire and the ground during the vehicle running; The appearance design is beautiful and reasonable, and the compression resistance is good. In addition, the slope body has a certain degree of softness. When the vehicle collides, it does not have strong turbulence, and has a good effect of reducing love and horses
2. The high-strength deceleration belt is made of high-strength pressure resistant rubber and can withstand up to 30 tons of pressure
3. Fix it firmly on the ground with screws, and it will not loosen when the vehicle hits;
4. The end joint has special texture, which can effectively avoid sliding. The specially designed groove stripe on the surface ensures the anti-skid performance in rainy and snowy days The rubber deceleration ridge adopts a concave convex natural matching interface, which is more convenient and labor-saving for installation. The pattern adopts Heron flower, which is more conducive to drainage. The standard warning colors are black and yellow, which are highlighted The special process of the deceleration belt manufacturer ensures that the color is durable and does not fade. It has extraordinary performance in both day and night. It attracted the attention of the driver and successfully slowed down the speed

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