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Attention to the hole position when installing the speed bump

When installing speed bumps, pay attention to the hole position. Speed ​​bumps are quite common in our daily life. Many speed bumps can be seen on the road. It is mainly to prevent accidents, etc., to ensure that it can be safer To reduce the speed of the vehicle, how much do you know about the installation of speed bumps? Speed ​​bump manufacturers briefly introduce for us to pay attention to the hole position when installing speed bumps:

    There is a small hole in the middle of both sides of the speed bump, which is a mounting hole. The speed bump is fixed to the road with expansion screws. Therefore, when the vehicle is rolling over the speed bump, the place where the force is applied is the installation hole, and the part that is torn first It is also the connection hole, so the deceleration slope falls off, and the steel nails are exposed. The steel nails protruding from the road will puncture the wheel tires. The main factor causing this is to cut corners and use recycled rubber to add a lot of low-cost additives and materials. The strength is greatly reduced.

    To avoid this problem, it is necessary to use natural rubber, not recycled rubber. Do not add a lot of low-cost additives. The connecting holes are lined with steel plates and connected to each other. When the rubber product is vulcanized, a speed bump should be installed inside the belt. The steel plate connects the two holes respectively. The expansion screws also pass through the steel plate during installation, which increases the connection strength of the holes. Large and small holes are left on the steel plate, so that the steel plate and the rubber can be better combined. The inner meridian is added to strengthen the strength.

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