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Can Wearing Reflective Clothes Prevent Car Accidents?

  Whether wearing reflective clothing can prevent car accidents, according to statistics, in all traffic accidents, about 3.8% of all traffic accidents involve electric vehicles, about 1.9% of injuries, and about 3.6% of deaths. Some people say that riding a tram wearing reflective Is it true that reflective clothing can effectively prevent car accidents? Let's take a look at what the manufacturers of reflective clothing say about it.

    In fact, the reason is very simple. The riding reflective vest is made of a layer of reflective cloth. There is no difference in thickness, only the size is different. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, it can be worn on the outside. Children can buy a small vest to wear. Now, the more More and more cyclists are also wearing reflective tapes on their ankles, the purpose is also to remind vehicles at night to pay attention to themselves.

    However, in order to effectively prevent car accidents, in addition to wearing reflective clothing, it is necessary to check whether the car body is complete before going on the road. Especially the lights and car bells cannot be less. At night, the blue headlights and red rear lights of British bicycles are one As soon as the light goes out, it can remind cars traveling in both directions to pay attention from a distance.

    If there is no reflective vest for special reasons, it is recommended to choose a raincoat with bright colors when wearing a raincoat to drive an electric vehicle in rainy days, such as fluorescent yellow (green), thin orange red, especially at night, try to match it with a set of reflective raincoats. , it is also easier to be found by drivers of other vehicles.

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