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When driving a speed bump, you need to brake to slow down?

There are more and more private car owners. Of course, this is not difficult to understand. Driving on the road is indeed very convenient and fast. Regarding driving on the road, many car owners may think that learning the knowledge of a driver’s license is enough, but in fact this is not the case.
The maintenance master said that it is understandable that most car owners will do this, because the speed bump is a protruding section, and if it is still driven at a normal speed, it will indeed make the passengers in the car have a strong sense of bumps. Although the ideas of the car owners are understandable, the practice is very undesirable. If the car brakes suddenly before the speed bump, the car will habitually press forward, and the pressure on the front suspension will suddenly increase. When you bring it, it will inevitably affect the front suspension of the car. Over time, the function of the suspension will be much worse than before. If it is serious, you have to go to the repair shop.
45MM Yellow Black Traffic Safety Car Parking Slope Limit Buffer Belt Highway Road Brake Rubber Speed Bump

Some car owners prefer to lean over the edge of the speed bump, and even some old drivers will do this. The car owners who do this will definitely be complacent, and the shock absorption effect is first-class. However, the maintenance master advises you not to get too proud too early, because then you will feel comfortable and the car will suffer a serious crime. If the car owners have leaned the speed bumps, people with a discerning eye can see that the force on both sides of the car is uneven. At this time, the tire on the side of the car must be worn.
So what is the correct posture? When car owners see the speed bump, they must not come to the front to know that they will brake and slow down. They should slow down at a long distance. Ensure that the car is driving at a low speed when passing the speed bump, so that it will not cause the car in front of you. The suspension was suddenly stressed.
Another point is that you must not be clever when passing the speed bump. I think that only one tire on the speed bump can reduce the bumps, so that the wheels are easy to wear. When you cross the speed bump, you must pass both wheels at the same time. In this way, the passengers in the car can feel comfortable and the car can be well protected.

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