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Why is the speed bump divided into yellow and white

The speed bumps are alternated in yellow, black or white to attract visual attention, and the road is slightly arched to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration. Speed ​​bumps are used to decelerate by influencing the driver's driving psychology.
When the vehicle passes through the speed bump at a higher speed, severe vibrations will be transmitted from the tires to the driver through the body and the seat. The vertical curve can generate a vertical acceleration and produce strong physiological stimulation (including vibration stimulation and visual stimulation) And psychological stimulation. Physiological stimulation prompts the driver to have a strong sense of discomfort, while psychological stimulation deepens the driver's unsafe doubts and further reduces the driver's sense of safety in the road environment.
Under normal circumstances, the driver thinks that the greater the discomfort, the lower the safety of the vehicle, that is, the lower the sense of safety. Therefore, the setting of speed bumps will reduce the driver's driving safety and ride comfort expectations, prompting the driver to choose a lower expected speed.
Under the guidance of the expected speed, the driver will actively drive the vehicle to approach and pass the speed bump at a lower driving speed. The ideal deceleration belt must ensure that the vehicle will not lose control when the vehicle passes, and the important safety components will not be broken and other dangerous conditions, and it should have high driving and structural safety. Therefore, the ideal speed bump should have the following characteristics:
With the increase of vehicle speed, driving safety can be maintained at a stable level or even improved after it is reduced to a certain level. The ride comfort of drivers is at a high level when the speed is lower than the road speed limit, and when the speed is higher than the road speed limit but lower than 85% of all speeding vehicles, the ride comfort deteriorates rapidly with the increase of the speed, which is higher than all speeds. The speeding vehicle can maintain a stable low level at 85% of the speed. The effect of speed bumps depends to a large extent on the running speed of the vehicle. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of drivers, the road speed limit must be set reasonably and the geometric size of the speed bump must be scientifically designed.

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