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Rubber speed bumps are different from other speed bumps

Rubber speed bumps, usually appearing in unit squares, residential areas, etc., are about 5 cm from the ground. They are usually fixed on the ground with casing expansion screws. They are yellow and black, with obvious appearance and low price, but their service life is short. After removing the rubber speed bump from the screws, the long screws are exposed, which can easily damage the tires.
Outdoor Rubber Plastic Spiral Floor Portable Road Portable Installation Speed Breaker Bump

After repairing the belt, the new speed bump is fixed on the ground. Concrete structure speed bumps are common in rural intersections. The construction cost is not high, but the speed bumps are high and high, the color is similar to the road surface, and the field of vision is not obvious. Driving to the front of the emergency brake, bumps, or even hits the chassis.

Rubber reducer manufacturers introduced cast steel reducers, which are commonly used in high-speed intersections, highway toll stations, gas stations and other places. These speed bumps are better than rubber speed bumps in service life, but the price is much higher than rubber.

Point-shaped speed bumps with tiles are usually found on highways, ring roads, etc. These speed bumps are slightly higher than the road surface and appear in fragments. Usually, glass bead primer is used, and petroleum resin hot-melt paint is used. The vehicle enters a beautiful, hard-wearing, night vision, making tremors and harsh sounds to remind the driver to slow down.

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