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Durable Edge Protection Rubber Corner Protector Wall Guard For Warehouse
Dimension (L x W x H):All Size

Product Details

Durable Edge Protection Rubber Corner Protector Wall Guard Guard For Warehouse.The corners are the most vulnerable area of your walls from damage from a forklift, pallet truck or other heavy object damaging the wall. These corner guards help to protect against nicks and dings on corners, preventing expensive repair bills!
This rubber corner guard piece is designed for warehouse and factory doorways, will protect the corners from being damaged by forklift or trolleys. It is easy to install, high elasticity and tear resistant.
This Edge Protection Rubber Corner Protector Wall Guard is ideal for protecting sharp edges and corners of furniture and equipment in your home, office and workshops. The guard can be used to cover sharp edge at the same time prevent children from being hurt.
This is a great protector for your pallets, cartons and products. With this product you can protect your goods from any damage that could be caused by the sharp edges of your pallet racks or packaging. Protectors are easy to use, they are simply clipped onto the edge of your pallet rack, cushioning each and every corner with an ample rubber bumper.
Quick Details
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Project Solution Capability:
3D model design
Application: the way, Logistics Unloading Platform Collision Prevention
Design Style:
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:
Model Number: TL-FZT 001
Rubber, Rubber
Color: Yellow+Black
Product name:
Corner Guard Protector
model: TL-FZT 001
Size: 1000*135*45MM
Delivery place:
Function: road safety
        100 Rolls
Products Description
High Quality Rubber Protetor
Product Name  Corner Protetor
Material  Rubber
Size  1000*135*45mm
Weight  5.5KG
Color  Yellow+Black
Application  Logistics Unloading Platform Collision Prevention

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