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Common speed bumps on the road

As an efficient road safety traffic facility, speed bumps are now indispensable, but with the changes of the times, speed bumps no longer focus only on safety, but on comfort. Convenience, beauty and other angles have higher requirements. Therefore, further improving the humanized design of speed bumps has become a trend today. Let's take a look at these common speed bumps on the road today with everyone.

1. Rubber speed bump
This type of "killer" is the most common. If most car owners are unfamiliar with the road section and do not pass at the appropriate speed (pass directly without decelerating), then the biggest damage is the suspension and the wheel hub. Due to the high and dense speed bumps, the shock absorber cannot withstand too much impact at one time, and directly transmits the vibration to the frame, which indirectly causes the risk of "distortion" of the car body. Brother Zinlu has even seen some friends drive through this quickly. After the speed bump, abnormal noises frequently appeared in the chassis of the car.
The rubber speed bump is designed according to the principle of the angle between the tire and the special rubber on the ground when the vehicle is running, and is made of special rubber. It is a new type of special traffic safety device that is set at the entrance of highway crossings, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, residential quarters, etc. to slow down the speed of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. As long as the speed is slow, there is no problem with the deceleration belt, basically nothing major.
2. Deceleration hill
The deceleration hill refers to a circular raised area in the center of the street or extending to the width of the street, 6-10 cm high and set at a distance of 100-150 m. It is a commonly used speed control measure. The deceleration mound is a raised area in the middle of the street or extending to the width of the street. This is to show the rhythm of the speeding car!

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